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Fall Sessions – 4 live stream sessions on breathwork and movement

This offer gives access to all 4 live stream sessions, hosted in October and November.

Location of sessions: Live Stream, via Zoom.
Recordings are available until 14 days after the sessions.
All workshop hours can be used for Continued Education with Yoga Alliance.

Saturday 30 October: The Alchemy of Transformation

This is a training especially designed for teachers, teachers in training and (health) care givers. However, anyone interested in the topic can join.
Hours can be used for Continued Education with Yoga Alliance.

You want your students to have a meaningful experience emotionally as well as physically. In this special Inner Axis training, Max reveals his high-impact methodology through sequencing, basic postures breathing and movement patterns that create a profound sense of stillness and depth. The principles you will learn in this 3-hour training will take you to new depths in your practice and teaching.

New York (EDT) 8 - 11am
Amsterdam (CEST) 2 - 5pm
Dubai (UAE) 4 - 7pm

Saturday 13 November: The Internal Technology of Happiness

This 2-hour seminar offers an inspiring and insightful talk by Max based on the ideas of his prescient book, There is No App for Happiness, followed by essential internal technologies for transformation.
Max will ask ten questions, and your answers to those questions will illuminate your inner life. This work, simple in its nature, astonishes those who take the class. The insight you will gain cannot be purchased or found in a book or at university. This seminar may help you to see life differently, and even course-correct your trajectory.

Amsterdam (CET) 10am - 12pm
Dubai (UAE) 1 - 3pm
Sydney (AEDT) 8 - 10pm

Saturday 13 November: Inner Axis Yoga and the Power of Intention - On and Beyond the Mat

Just as hydrogen and oxygen, depending on how they are mixed together, can produce either fire or water, posture practice and intention and breath depending on how they mixed together can produce either "just exercise", or can revolutionize our lives.
This graceful 2-hour Inner Axis workshop begins very gently and then builds momentum. At the apex of heat and breath we move directly into a special sequence of postures, which will bring the mind into stillness and the body into a new state of energy. This class is both challenging and very healing.

New York (EST) 8 - 10am
Amsterdam (CET) 2 - 4pm
Dubai (UAE) 5 - 7pm

Sunday 14 November: First Aid Kit for Grief

As a teacher, what do you do when someone in your class falls apart into grief? How do you adapt your class to a time such as now when there are so many of us grieving? Most teacher trainings lack any guidance whatsoever in this critical, very human, and ever-present emotion.
This 3-hour training will show you how to hold space for your students who are grieving in a way that makes them feel seen, cared for, and that they belong in your community. The training explains a new understanding of the interconnectedness between grief and intimacy/meaningful connection.

New York (EST) 8 - 11am
Amsterdam (CET) 2 - 5pm
Dubai (UAE) 5 - 8pm

Fall Sessions

These sessions are part of Max's Fall Sessions, consisting of 4 breathwork and movement sessions in October and November. You can sign up for one or multiple sessions:

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