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July Special - 3 workshops hosted on 7 and 21 July

This offer gives access to all 3 workshops hosted on Sunday 7 and Sunday 21 July - available for purchase until 7 July 6:45pm CEST.

Get your package discount of $26 USD!

Location: Livestream, via Zoom.
Recordings are available until 14 days after the workshop.

End Overthinking, Worries and Anxiety
Sunday 7 July

This unique Inner Axis workshop teaches you how to shut off the chatter in your mind. It includes a powerful sequence of postures, breathwork, and focused acts of intention that create a profound stillness. As the practice progresses, the need for movement melts away. A unifying guided meditation will bring you deeper inwards and you will experience stillness like never before.

The principles you will learn in this workshop will take your practice to new territory and inspire you for weeks to come.

This 2-hour movement-based workshop includes lecture, movement practice, seated breathwork and guided meditation.

This workshop is designed for intermediate level students. Some experience with Max’s classes, yoga, or breathwork is advised.

Los Angeles (PDT) 10am - 12pm
New York (EDT) 1 - 3pm
Amsterdam (CEST) 7 - 9pm


Emotional Healing with Breathwork and Postures
Sunday 21 July

In a world where the pace of life often leaves us breathless, there lies a profound and transformative path to healing. In this workshop, you will discover the extraordinary power of your breath to mend the deepest wounds, unravel emotional knots, and release the weight of unspoken pain. This journey isn't just about physical postures or breath; it's about connecting with the most authentic parts of yourself.

Let yourself be guided by renowned breathwork teacher Max Strom, through a series of gentle yet potent postures that open the body's wisdom and unlock buried emotions.

This 2-hour movement-based seminar includes lecture, gentle movement practice, simple and high-impact breathwork and visualization.

No previous experience necessary.

Amsterdam (CEST) 10am - 12pm
Dubai (GST) 12 - 2pm
Sydney (AEST) 6 - 8pm


How to Find Happiness in the Age of Anxiety
Sunday 21 July

Escape the illusions of the digital world and discover the path that leads to genuine happiness with this gripping workshop. It's an inspiring and timely seminar based on Max’s prescient book, There is No App for Happiness.

In this workshop, you will be guided through a series of thought-provoking questions, opening the door to a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships. Gain vital insights that revolutionize your perspective and realign your priorities for a life of authentic fulfillment.

There's more: immerse yourself in a simple yet impactful breathing practice that will awaken your inner power. Discover how your breath can be a powerful tool to navigate the challenges of the digital age, enabling you to find lasting happiness and inner peace.

This 2-hour lecture and breath-based workshop includes lecture, writing, simple but high-impact breathwork and visualization.

No previous experience necessary.

New York (EDT) 8 - 10am
Amsterdam (CEST) 2 - 4pm
Dubai (GST) 4 - 6pm


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