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Our aim for this digital course is to help deliver humanity from the current global pandemic of stress, anxiety, and depression. We want to empower you to control your internal state, to control how you feel, rather than simply living in a state of quiet crises.

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With anxiety, hyper-stress, depression and sleep dysfunction skyrocketing around the globe, it's time we look at the unspoken reasons why – and take action.

In this groundbreaking course, Max Strom, who has taught breath-work for 23 years, shares his insights into this pandemic, and then reveals that these debilitating challenges can be disrupted with ten to twenty minutes of breathing exercises per day. Max Strom teaches personal transformation, wellbeing, and yoga worldwide and is known for inspiring and igniting change. His breakthrough methodology, Inner Axis, addresses our internal wellbeing and our potential for physical and emotional healing. A three time TEDx speaker, his TEDx talk, Breathe to Heal now approaches one million views on Youtube. He is the author of, A Life Worth Breathing, and There is No App for Happiness.


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You can access the Alleviate Anxiety segment for $65, or the entire course, which covers, anxiety, hyper-stress, depression, burnout, sleep issues, grief, and more, for $149 value. Work at whatever pace works for your life. Relax and take your time – you have access to the material for 2 years.

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Dear Friends,

I was initially skeptical about teaching online, but now that I find myself frequently returning to online lectures and TED talks that are important to me, I have come to deeply appreciate the ability of repeat viewing to deepen the experience and learning process. So, for those of you who have worked with me in our events but want the opportunity to review the material and exercises again, and for those of you who are unable to travel to join my events in person, it is my honor to release this online course.

For those who have suffered trauma, remember that most of the great teachers, healers, and leaders- were born of tragedy.  You can still make choices that can not only improve your life, but define it.

I'll leave you with this; as someone once said, “Everything meaningful that happens will happen today.”

It is today that we choose, today that we act, and today that we can rejoice. 

In solidarity,
Max Strom

Medical testimonials

"There is a worldwide pandemic of anxiety and stress-related illness. Max Strom teaches a simple and effective way to control these problems without the use of drugs or any harmful therapies. His techniques can help both patients and those who care for them."

Dr. Chris Moulton
Vice-President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the Royal Bolton Hospital, UK

"The impact breathing has on our health and well-being is only now beginning to be recognized more widely. Max’s depth of experience as a teacher and human qualities put him at the forefront of this movement and I have used his methods successfully with many patients."

Dr. Stephen James
Director of The Breathlessness Clinic and Consultant in Anaesthesia and Exercise Capacity, King’s College Hospital, London, UK

"I have been repeatedly amazed at the effect the techniques of Max Strom have had on all who attended. In his simple, no frills format, he has a gift of immediately being relevant and motivating to all who meet him. His teaching are very relevant to all struggling with modern life, its complexities and challenges, whether they are professional or personal."

H. Alomran
MD, Medical Affairs, King Faisal Specialist Hospital Riyadh, KSA

"Max Strom’s teachings show us that we can calm ourselves through breathing and this is a powerful tool that has tremendous benefits."

Dr. Devi Mahendran

"After more than 15 years working in both community mental health and private practice, I can say without hesitation that Max Strom’s breath work has proven to be the most transformational material I use in my practice. Through the use of breathing patterns and mind/body connection my clients have reported that they are better able to recognize their true selves and life purpose."

Kristy Weidner
LCSW, Pittsburgh, USA

"As a GP in a very stressful job, I use Max Strom’s focused breathing exercises daily for an immediate feeling of well being and focus.  Max’s breathing techniques and teachings are a unique, powerful and effective antidote to the stress and anxiety of our modern world."

Dr. Marie Shieh
FRACGP Australia MD, US board certified family physician, Australia

"In the darkest places of my grief, the breathing practices that Max had taught me gave me a life line to hold on to in this world and a path to calm."

Heather Campbell

"Max Strom's Inner Axis practice brings calm to our stressed nervous systems and breathes us back to life."

Layla Banihashemi
Ph.D., Neuroscientist USA

""I have begun to incorporate Max Strom’s breathing practices in my work with traumatized clients, and when I do, I am always amazed. We are able to accomplish in one session what used to take three. Max’s work and teachings are truly extraordinary and so needed in our modern world.” "

Renee Davidson
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Edwardsville, IL

Corporate testimonials

"Max Strom is a leader in his field. His Inner Axis breath work teaches us how to resolve our emotional challenges and calm our nervous system. It is a must for individuals and organizations wishing to realize the many benefits of stress reduction."

Will Moore
Director Speakit Films, Executive Producer ‘Walk with Me’

"To compete in the financial markets we are unfortunately taught to wear armor, under Max’s guidance, we learn how to melt it away. By removing this armor we re-humanize ourselves in our relationships, our health, and our life purpose."

Gregory Perdon
Co-Chief Investment Officer of a London Banking Institution UK

"I spent a lot of time exploring various meditative and movement practices. However, it wasn’t until I found Max Strom’s Inner Axis approach that I was able to finally recover from decades of battling depression and anxiety. I can’t express how grateful I am for what Max has created - it is simple and yet also deeply impactful."

Carrie Snyder
Circular Economy Consultant and Instructor at Harvard Extension School, USA

"Science tell us that emotions are stored in the body. Max’s breathing exercises flush emotions out of the body and thereby help you hit mental reset."

Freddy Barker
Head of Change at one of the UK’s largest wealth management firms

"Max Strom’s Inner Axis breath work is a powerful high-impact tool to deal with stress and anxiety in a top level corporation."

Mahmoud Qutub
SC, Qatar

"Max Strom's work on the Inner Axis offers truly transformational results that you can feel immediately. I was used to broken sleep patterns, low energy levels and an increasingly short temper - but after working with Max and understanding the power of effective breathing, I was able to solve all of those issues and implement the simple tools he gave me into my daily life. I have never slept or felt better!"

Jessica Flynn
Operations Director, UK

Yoga testimonials

"Max Strom is one of the world’s most highly respected and experienced yoga teachers who has brought together an extraordinary system of breath-work and physical movement to help counteract the stresses and anxiety of our everyday lives. He gave me a simple but profound technique that transformed and deepened my practice."

Jonathan Sattin
Founder and CEO of Triyoga, UK

"Max Strom’s breathing practices are nothing short of masterful, and learning these techniques can bring you back to balance, and a state of true health because your rate of breathing and your state of mind are integrally linked. I have witnessed Max, create palpable states of peace, time and again, in his workshops, and I feel blessed to have him as a teacher and friend. He offers us true healing through his work."

Gloria Latham
Yoga Teacher and Trainer, Semperviva Yoga, Vancouver, CA

"I thought I knew how to breathe until I experienced Max Strom’s breathing workshop. He guided me to a depth and openness I didn't know was available. My heart, my breath, my spirit are nourished deeply by his teachings."

Janet Stone
Yoga Teacher and Trainer, San Francisco, USA

"Max Strom is a rare, gifted teacher. His distinct methodology lays the groundwork for clear and coherent teaching skills, while his integrity, kindness and wisdom help awaken the best in us as teachers as well as human beings."

Mimi Kuo-Deemer
Yoga and Qi Gong Teacher and trainer, London, UK

"Max Strom is a master teacher who illuminates the path to inner freedom with simple elegance.  Through his brilliantly uncomplicated approach to teaching breath and movement, students in his presence feel empowered to access their own personal power and grace."

Tammy Lyons 
Teacher/Owner Inner Bliss Yoga Studios, Yoga Teacher trainer, & Co-Founder- Believe in CLE, Cleveland, USA

"Don’t miss the opportunity to learn breath-work and life work that will transform how you view the world and yourself."

Leta Koontz
Teacher/owner Schoolhouse Yoga, Pittsburgh, USA

"It fascinates me to witness the healing power of Max’s work. People look differently after the workshops, intensives and/or teacher trainings; more open, soft, relax and present. Their inner state shifts, even their body language. So it did with me."

Jasmijn Koelink
Yoga Teacher and trainer, The Netherlands

"Not only have Max's techniques helped me to heal my own immense struggle with anxiety, I have watched them work for countless students I have since shared them with, including my young daughter."

Julia Doty
yoga teacher and trainer, Semperviva Yoga, Vancouver, CA

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